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What brings people together of all casts, colour and creed is food. No matter which language you speak, which country you belong to or what your history is….Food always bond people together when they are sitting on a single table and experiencing the magic of the tasteful food of each other’s cuisine, they are experiencing the very homely magic among them. So, if you are searching for something new for your food-loving taste bud or if you are a food enthusiast and loves to explore or if you are familiar with but searching for good Indian food then pay a visit to magical curries. 


India is land where there around 28 states, so each state has its distinct flavours and rich style of the eatery, but, here at magical curries we take you through the flavourful journey of north Indian cuisine. Even this specific cuisine from the north part of India is versatile and heavenly in its unique way. If you have an appetite of tiger and lion then you are welcome and if you have an appetite of deer or zebra then you are welcome here as well. We serve all…from mouth-watering vegetable samosa to bar-bee-quad chicken. In short, all are welcomed here. 

You will find numerous mouth-watering dishes that will leave you confused about what to have now and what to have later. We are sure that once you try our food, you will come back again to experience heaven on earth. 

The environment:       

We are fully aware that people like to have a comfortable and peaceful environment while they eat. So, keeping this in our mind we have created a pleasant and homely atmosphere for our respectable guests. With the services we provide, we make sure that there is nothing that becomes hindrance towards your pleasurable time with your friends and family. Your quality time is our responsibility and we feel proud to fulfil it. 

Our chefs make sure that the food they are preparing for you is according to your pallet. If you want mild the taste will be mild, if you love spicy you will have spicy. Every dish we have is freshly prepared under the supervision of experienced chefs. Just like the environment, it is our responsibility that the quality of the food is not compromised, we understand it and fulfil our duties towards our guests.   

Our pride:   

We are proud that we can introduce and showcase the colours of India through Indian food in Hobart in Australia. Our chefs are familiar with the rich food of north Indian cuisine hence; we are proud that our brilliant team of cooks is presenting you the true spices and taste of India.