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Everyone needs a break from the work life. An office party is the perfect chance to do that. Your employees deserve the opportunity to have fun and bond with one another. They need to have a great bonding session. This is one massive benefit that your company will gain. So why not give your employees a great treat with an exciting party. But we are not talking about the typical parties which is just a room full of people chatting. We are talking about a party that will get all the employees to jump up and down. Here are some great ideas for such a party.

Bowling night

Everyone loves a good game. So, why not give them the chance to have fun with a great game of bowling. Everyone can participate and the challenge will get everyone excited. But don’t limit the party to just a game. Make it as exciting as possible. Get each team to come up with a theme, a name and costumes. That will get them all hyped up. You can even include prizes for winners. After the game you can treat them with some amazing food. You can get them a great menu from a Thai restaurant in Concord or a menu with a huge variety to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Either way, make sure you know their likes and dislikes before you choose.

Game of thrones party

If your employees are huge fans of the infamous HBO series, well make them even more excited by a GOT party. When you party in the game of thrones party, you WIN!. You can get them all hyped up by dividing the staff into the four houses. Get everyone to dress up as their favorite characters or create their own one. You can treat them with a GOT styled menu and some GOT gifts. Everyone will simply love it.

Met Gala

Recreate the infamous annual gala by getting the employees to dress up in their best gowns and suits. You can make it all elegant just like the real one. Include a red carpet for them to walk in. This will definitely make them feel super special. Don’t forget the food. Have a buffet catering and get a menu of variety. This will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their favorite dishes.

These are some unique ideas to treat your employees with an amazing event. Make sure they all have fun and don’t forget to ask their opinions on the party they want. After all, it should be all about them.

Any sort of expense can seem unnecessary when you’re about to start a family. Most often, this means you cut back on lavish extravagances that you would otherwise have at your wedding and opt for the simpler, more laid-back approach. If you’re someone that doesn’t believe in spending a fortune on a wedding or if you simply cannot afford to, read on to find how you can throw a wedding of epic proportions with minimum cost.

What to Wear

If custom made dresses are too troublesome or expensive, you can always shop around for the gown of your dreams. If you aren’t crazy about the idea of buying yourself a wedding dress, there are plenty of places around town that will lend you a dress of your liking, for obviously a lesser amount. Finding something in your size is always the issue, but if you look hard enough, you will no doubt sort out your fix. A tuxedo or suit can also be borrowed or rented at minimum cost; there are outlets that provide varieties of these.

Where to Be

Venues are abundant if you know where to look. Depending on your guest list, you can decide whether you want to have your special celebration at the beach, at a meadow, at a garden or even at a house. Costs of these places are much lower than those that are required to be paid to hotels. If you want to keep it simple, having the ceremony and reception at your own home – if there is enough space – is ideal. This bears virtually no cost of rent. A home wedding is easy to imagine: the food catering, the flowers, the seating, the music and all other details can be handled and made to fit the mould of your home, as opposed to everything having to fit the mould of the hotel venue.

What to Eat

Getting food ready for your guests can be a headache if you undertake it yourself – if it’s your wedding, you have no time to worry about that. This is why caterers are so popular – you hire a company to provide the menu, meals and drinks for the day, they will bring the cutlery and plates, you only have to pay them.

With the plethora of catering options you have to choose from, you can even be “fancy” with less impact to your bank accounts – if you want, you can ask for gluten free catering Melbourne to maintain the illusion that you’re being healthy; if you are, in fact, concerned about health and diet, this type was made for you. If you know where to look, finding a fix will be a breeze. It may seem like a lot but hiring everything from efficient companies to make your big day an amazing one is cheaper than paying a hotel more than necessary to host your wedding according to their rules. Wanting to spend less is not a crime, it is a smart choice – at the end of the day, it is your future happiness that is important, and making right decisions to safeguard your future stability is what you should rightfully focus on.